Keeping up with Canada Reads 2014…books that change your life

On Wednesday November 27, 2013, the final candidates were announced for the 2014 Canada Reads competition on CBC.  If you are interested in keeping up with the debates, here are the contenders and the panelists that are defending them:

Training for ski season, roller derby, or the College hockey team?

Come to the College Library and check out the international sports and conditioning journals which provide information on sport-specific training programs, injury prevention guidelines, nutritional plans, and more information than you imagined possible on the subject of sports and training.  Some examples:

The Fiddlehead’s 23rd Annual Literary Contest!

Take your best shot at literary fame and fortune!  Enter to win the Ralph Gustafson Poetry Prize or the Best Short Fiction Prize, with two honourable mentions in each category.  All submissions must be postmarked by December 1, 2o13.  For contest details see The Fiddlehead.  Best of luck!