Chris Hedges at the Mir Centre last Friday

Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges spoke at the Mir Centre on Friday, Feb 28.  If you were not able to take in his presentation, the Nelson Daily has a synopsis of the event here.

“It was a large crowd listening to Hedges at the Brilliant Cultural Centre. He gave us all a hard head shake, and challenged us to go past our denial. And, surprisingly, the audience gave him a standing ovation for inflicting his painful truth on us.”   wrote Keith Wiley of the Nelson Daily.

“Hedges covered a huge landscape of the world today in a little over an hour. He centered much of his message around the imagery of the novel Moby Dick. The author, Herman Melville, was a prophet of our present times he said.

A key chunk of his analysis was that the narrator in the novel, Ishmael, went along with the madness of the ship’s Captain Ahab, though he knew it was deeply wrong and catastrophic. Chris Hedges says Melville forecast the future for America: the pillaging of the natural world, and the massive denial we live in today.”

For more see the article at Nelson Daily.

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