TeckServ Applied Research Internship

A partnership between Teck Metals (Trail) Operations and Selkirk has created an annual fund to provide support for Selkirk College students to undertake a community-based research project in the West Kootenay Boundary Region.

Community-based service organizations involved in rural development are eligible to apply for the TeckServ Learning Internship. Applications may be submitted either individually or in partnership.

Up to $10,000 in student internship funding is available to conduct an applied research project that will support rural development at the community or regional level. Applied research involves the use of new or existing knowledge to solve real-world challenges or questions.

The Internship:

  • Provides students the opportunity to engage in applied research and service learning designed to build confidence, capabilities and capacity while attaining valuable work experience
  • Benefits community organizations by providing the expertise of Selkirk students to help inform and advance strategic goals
  • Brings real benefits to the region while enriching Selkirk students’ educational and professional development experiences.

Learn more about TeckServ here.

A TeckServ 2013 project

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