UVic gets CFI funding for Maker Lab in Humanities

Across a period of three years, this CFI/FCI support will provide the Maker Lab with the foundational infrastructure to scan, model, fabricate, customize, network, and share three-dimensional (3D) objects across digital and analog environments. More specifically, the Maker Lab aims to: 1) foster a new research environment (at UVic) in humanities physical computing and desktop fabrication; 2) articulate and share best practices for digitizing, modelling, manufacturing, and networking 3D objects in humanities contexts; 3) develop easy-to-adopt workflows for digitally delivering cultural materials in 3D; 4) train highly qualified personnel for collaborative fabrication and physical computing research in non-STEM fields; 5) extend the field of digital humanities through fabrication and physical computing research; 6) blend aesthetic and cultural innovations with technical innovations; and 7) actively contribute to Canada’s digital economy by reducing waste and manufacturing costs, increasing awareness of new technologies, and deepening popular understanding of fair and ethical uses of 3D modelling, fabrication, and interactive physical systems. – See more at: http://maker.uvic.ca/cfi/#sthash.Ae2mDl3k.dpuf

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