Consider the Lobster, a summer reading recommendation

Consider the Lobster

A new collection of essays from the infamous David Foster Wallace, author of ‘Infinite Jest’, ‘Pale King’, ‘Girl with Curious Hair’, ‘Interviews with Hideous Men’; and whose undergraduate thesis deals with fatalism and the semantics of physical modality.  Hardly an intellectual lightweight, Wallace can also be  hilariously funny.  You might need to keep the Oxford English Dictionary site open to review some vocabulary, but I am one of those word nerdy people who loves a book that challenges me to think.  And this is one that definitely does.  Topics range from being on assignment for Rolling Stone on  an American election campaign and the ramifications of negative campaigns on the youth vote, to coverage of the Maine Lobster Festival for Gourmet magazine, from an ethical  and aesthetic perspective.  Although American politics has never particularly interested me, DFW has a way of allowing his readers to discover these subjects with his very erudite and lucid writing style.  He is  able to write a 62-page review of the Modern American Usage Dictionary, starting with one full page of footnotes which serve as a hook for the rest.  You won’t be able to put it down.  He is a true wise guy, a very intelligent smart aleck, for want of anything better to call him.  A great introduction to his writing before you try one of his fiction works…

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