Canada Review by Melodie Rae Storey

Canada is not your usual crime novel. How many crime novels have you read where the focus is less on the crime, and more on how the crime affects the children left behind? It is an unusual premise, but it works. Author Richard Ford masterfully turns the genre on its head with Canada, the story … Continue reading Canada Review by Melodie Rae Storey

Canadian Library Month – October 2014

Would you like to share your story about how Libraries have affected your life?  Go to Canadian Library Month and share your experiences or read about those of others.  CBC Radio's The Current has a program called Designing Libraries That Are Relevant in the Digital Age--go to their webpage and see some of the most … Continue reading Canadian Library Month – October 2014

PRISM international Writing Contests

PRISM has a total of three contests: the Creative Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, and Poetry contests, open to all. All contests: Each entry includes a one-year subscription or subscription extension for PRISM international, beginning with the contest issue (Spring 2015 for Non-Fiction and Summer 2015 for Fiction/Poetry). All 1st prize winners will be published in PRISM, and … Continue reading PRISM international Writing Contests

Ban the Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Captain Underpants, or not…

These are two of the most talked about books in BC, Canada and even in the USA in 2014.  The American Library Association just had their Banned Books Week in the US and Captain Underpants topped the list of most banned books.  Here in BC, the Perks of Being a Wallflower was in the news … Continue reading Ban the Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Captain Underpants, or not…