New to the Library–adjust your print credits here! Recent printing changes in the Library.

Printing in the Library

There have been a few changes in the past weeks to how students can print in the Library.

There are two printing systems in the Library:  printing from the OPAC computers (the computers in the centre of the Library, not the Lab) and printing in the Lab.  For the time being, printing in the Lab remains the same–you can print to the Lab printer at no cost, as long as you have enough print credits on your account, which at this time cost nothing and can be adjusted at the Circulation desk in the Library.  Printing at the OPAC computers has changed significantly however; the 4100 printer has expired and the default option is now our colour Ricoh printer.  If you choose to print from the OPAC computers, there is a cost.  Print credits do not apply to these computers; black and white printing is $.10 per page and colour is $.25 per page.  Note:  if you are printing a selection which has colour in it, but you do not want to pay for colour printing, you need to adjust the properties of the print job before you send it to the printer.  If you do not know how to do this, ask at the front desk.

And yes, you can now add print credits to your account at the main Circulation Desk in the Library–no need to walk down to the IT Service desk.  Lab printing and print credits are still free to students.

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