Human cruise control app takes you places

Human cruise control–would you like someone else’s phone to control your muscles?

How would you like to have your footsteps directed by someone using a cell phone?  Sound sci fi?  Not really.  There is a new app in development by the University of Hanover which uses electrostimulation to guide the subject wherever the phone controller wants them to go.  The app’s creator, Max Pfeiffer, hopes this “system will free people’s minds up for other things as they navigate the world, allowing them to focus on their conversation or enjoy surroundings.” (Hodson,H. Apr 11 2015, New Scientist,225(3016):18)  Apparently test subjects were wary of having an external system taking control of their leg muscles, but were okay with it as long as they felt they could take back control.  Read more about it in the New Scientist.  Comment on what you think about this possibility…is there a risk that it could be used in a negative way?

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