Designing Libraries

If you happen to have an interest in architecture and libraries, the website 'Designing Libraries' will give much food for thought.  The Netherlands has a library with an indoor garden, the Kitchener, ON Public Library has won the Ontario Library Association Library Building Award, and a Chinese architect has created what must be one of … Continue reading Designing Libraries

Scotiabank Giller Prize 2015 – why not enter?

Giller jury If you have a book published this year within the guidelines set by the information presented on this website, why not enter it in this year's Scotiabank Giller Awards?  You don't know unless you try.  Submissions deadlines here.

Is it really news that academic publishers are highly profitable while libraries are not?

Student perusing a low cost item:  a library book. When you get your book list at the beginning of each semester, do you ponder the prices?  Here is an article on CBC News about publishers and libraries which might be of interest to you.