The UBC president’s resignation–challenging the status quo

Former UBC President, Arvind Gupta

From the Globe and Mail’s Gary Mason on Sept. 1:  “Mr. Gupta looked at some numbers and began questioning them. For instance, in 2009-10, total faculty at UBC’s Vancouver campus numbered 3,242. By 2014-15, that figure had only increased by 28, or 0.9 per cent. Now let’s look at staff, specifically the category of management and professionals, which includes everything from admissions specialists to vice-presidents of various departments – but not deans. In 2009-10, this group totalled 2,903; in five years it had ballooned to 3,640 – an eye-popping increase of 25 per cent. Meantime, clerical and support staff were cut over that period.”

Are you concerned about budgeting at post secondary institutions where you study?  Are your services decreasing?  Start your research on this and other topics at the Library.

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