Canadian veterans and the ethics of politics

A sign from ABC, Anyone But Conservatives, a veterans’ organization

Now that there is an election at stake, the Conservatives are pouring more money into supporting veterans.  According to Kris Sims, someone allowed to speak on behalf of the Conservative campaign,

“More than 250 case workers and Veterans Affairs staff are being hired nationally,” she said in an email.

She also said the government has created a national mental health network for the military and veterans and a 24-hour hotline staffed by mental health professionals who stand ready to counsel a veteran at any time.

So you can decide for yourself, as the group ABC has done, if election spending means the Conservatives have developed different ethics than they had during their terms in power.

Don’t forget to register at Elections, at least a week in advance of the election date.  Even a minor glitch like an address mistake can mean no vote in the election.

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