Anne Lamott Book Review

Anne Lamott is beloved by writers everywhere. She is smart, funny and, best of all, she doesn’t hold back. And the writing is just so good - even her punctuation feels filled with talent. Small Victories is a book that does not categorize easily. The closest genre would probably be “Christian spiritual growth,” but don’t … Continue reading Anne Lamott Book Review

Business students, you have a break coming up right?

There is a sea of books on business out there. The Selkirk College Library certainly has their fair share. Where does one start? If you are feeling overwhelmed, check out the online article published by Business Insider entitled "33 Business Books Every Professional Should Read Before Turning 30." Read it HERE.

Methane, cow toots and industrial agriculture–your input?

Many are saying that if we stop eating meat, we can do our part for climate change.  That is a great idea except that it doesn't quite get to the relevant information about methane output.  While methane does come from cattle, what we need to understand is that it comes from industrially raised cattle on … Continue reading Methane, cow toots and industrial agriculture–your input?

News for December 1, 2015

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released a study yesterday which shows that corporate tax cuts, rather than fueling economic growth, have actually had the opposite effect.   "...there is evidence to suggest that CIT rate reductions contributed to slower growth.."  from CCPA News Release, November 30, 2015.   Canadian Dimension magazine reports in an article … Continue reading News for December 1, 2015