Methane, cow toots and industrial agriculture–your input?

The resilience-based alternative: agroecology– farming based on the wisdom of ecosystems.  Remember that the prairie topsoils were built by millions of bison…

Many are saying that if we stop eating meat, we can do our part for climate change.  That is a great idea except that it doesn’t quite get to the relevant information about methane output.  While methane does come from cattle, what we need to understand is that it comes from industrially raised cattle on feedlots or overgrazed land.  Cattle which are grazed in a method which follows the patterns of nature that created the original prairie topsoil, do not release methane in anywhere near those levels, and the output is actually sequestered in the soil by natural processes.  Since I am not a scientist, you  should read about the background in this new book by Courtney White, “Grass, Soil, Hope”. The real problem is an industrial agricultural system that focused for many years on artificial inputs that destroy topsoil.    We need to understand that working with evolutionary natural patterns is the only way to thrive.  This book is available at the Castlegar branch of the college library system.

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