Elder guidance, storytelling and language focus of Calgary Central Library’s new Indigenous Languages Resource Centre

“Calgary’s recently opened new Central Library will soon have a dedicated resource centre aimed at preserving Indigenous languages.

The Indigenous Languages Resource Centre, a first for Calgary, is being supported by a $1-million investment from the province, officials announced on Wednesday.

“The Calgary Public Library is thrilled to support this important Indigenous languages initiative. This is such a strong fit with what we’re all about at the library. This project will build connections, support lifelong learning and deepen understanding of community,” said Calgary Public Library CEO Bill Ptacek.

It’s hoped the centre will become a hub of Indigenous learning, but many of the materials will be available to anyone who has a library card, regardless of where they live, the province says.

“Language nurtures identity, enhances spirit, and most importantly improves communication amongst families and communities,” said Alayna Many Guns, Indigenous service design lead for the Calgary Public Library.”


Read the full link from CBC here:

Elder guidance, storytelling and language focus of Central Library’s new Indigenous centre

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