An insightful interpretation of the appeal of Mr. Trump

The blog site entitled "The Archdruid Report" may be highly unconventional, but the author has some very relevant and acute points about who the rich and the poor are, and why many of the wage class supports Trump.  Read John Micheal Greer's January 20, 2016 post, "Donald Trump and the Politics of Resentment" for an … Continue reading An insightful interpretation of the appeal of Mr. Trump

News for December 1, 2015

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released a study yesterday which shows that corporate tax cuts, rather than fueling economic growth, have actually had the opposite effect.   "...there is evidence to suggest that CIT rate reductions contributed to slower growth.."  from CCPA News Release, November 30, 2015.   Canadian Dimension magazine reports in an article … Continue reading News for December 1, 2015

Joseph Stiglitz interview in the Tyee

Joseph Stiglitz, renowned economist and "winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, is the third-most cited economist in the world" according to Research Papers in Economics. In a Friday interview with David Ball of the BC online news source, the Tyee, Stiglitz addressed Canada's housing inequality situation.  Here's a brief preview of the … Continue reading Joseph Stiglitz interview in the Tyee

Forest of Reading programs

The Forest of Reading programs designed by the Ontario Library Association promotes Canadian literature for young readers, their teachers, school-librarians, public librarians, authors, illustrators, and publishers.  Check out this blog, CanLit for Little Canadians, to find out more about the programs and the books they have nominated for awards.

Tell it Slant: the Fiddlehead’s annual writing contest

This is your final reminder that the deadline for the Fiddlehead's 25th annual writing contest is December 1, 2015.  Poetry and short fiction.  See their website for details!

Fracking on trial– Andrew Nikiforuk’s new book, ‘Slick Water’

In the words of New Yorker environmental journalist Elizabeth Kolbert, Slick Water is "a true-life noir filled with corruption, incompetence, and, ultimately, courage." More specifically, Nikiforuk says, it is a story about "the courage of women."  From the Tyee Online article by Robyn Smith.  The story of how one woman, an oil patch scientist, struggled … Continue reading Fracking on trial– Andrew Nikiforuk’s new book, ‘Slick Water’

Historic moment: Trudeau government swearing in today November 4, 2015

Today we have political change as Justin Trudeau's new cabinet is revealed after the swearing in ceremony in Ottawa.  A historic moment.  I remember Justin and Margaret Trudeau from the first Trudeau government.