The Anarchist Library

If you are interested in reading something completely different, take a look at the materials available online at the Anarchist Library.  There are works by Emma Goldman, Kevin Carson and others.  Give your brain a break from coursework, take in a little anarchist reading.

Forest of Reading programs

The Forest of Reading programs designed by the Ontario Library Association promotes Canadian literature for young readers, their teachers, school-librarians, public librarians, authors, illustrators, and publishers.  Check out this blog, CanLit for Little Canadians, to find out more about the programs and the books they have nominated for awards.

Study habits in the Library–do you prefer digital pages or print?

digital or print for studying? Now that many course documents are available on Moodle, Blackboard or other formats, why are so many students choosing to print their course notes and powerpoint presentations?  Is there something to this choice? It turns out that there are differences in reading comprehension-- discussed in this study by Anne Mangen … Continue reading Study habits in the Library–do you prefer digital pages or print?

The UBC president’s resignation–challenging the status quo

From the Globe and Mail's Gary Mason on Sept. 1:  "Mr. Gupta looked at some numbers and began questioning them. For instance, in 2009-10, total faculty at UBC’s Vancouver campus numbered 3,242. By 2014-15, that figure had only increased by 28, or 0.9 per cent. Now let’s look at staff, specifically the category of management … Continue reading The UBC president’s resignation–challenging the status quo

Designing Libraries

If you happen to have an interest in architecture and libraries, the website 'Designing Libraries' will give much food for thought.  The Netherlands has a library with an indoor garden, the Kitchener, ON Public Library has won the Ontario Library Association Library Building Award, and a Chinese architect has created what must be one of … Continue reading Designing Libraries

Is it really news that academic publishers are highly profitable while libraries are not?

Student perusing a low cost item:  a library book. When you get your book list at the beginning of each semester, do you ponder the prices?  Here is an article on CBC News about publishers and libraries which might be of interest to you.